‘Give That Lad A Chance’ Outspoken Pundit Gives His View On Polarising Chelsea Player

‘Give That Lad A Chance’ Outspoken Pundit Gives His View On Polarising Chelsea Player

Controversial pundit and former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher has called upon Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino to give Mykhailo Mudryk a ‘chance’ in a recent interview.

He conceded that Mudryk has not ‘done well’ since he joined Chelsea for an astronomical fee of £89 million – but this does not mean he should be dropped entirely.

Carragher was also critical of Chelsea’s transfer policy under Todd Boehly, saying that they are ‘still buying wingers left, right, and centre’ rather than giving their established senior players a chance to shine.

What did Jamie Carragher say regarding Mykhailo Mudryk?

Speaking on The Overlap’s official YouTube channel, Carragher said: “When you bring a player in, for instance, [Mykhailo] Mudryk, we know he hasn’t done well. He cost £80 million-odd, but they’re still buying wingers left, right, and centre. I’m thinking you’ve got to give that lad a chance. You’ve got to say there’s a path to go and play.

“Every player must feel like there’s not really an opportunity there for them because there’s someone going to take their place two games later.”

Will Mudryk turn a corner at Chelsea?

Technically, Mudryk is sublime. His ball control is superlative, as is his ability to glide past his opponents. In addition to this, he is also incredibly quick – he has the makings of a top Premier League winger.

Sadly, at present, he seems to be playing without confidence. This is not a good sign – it shows that he may not be able to pick his head up when times are tough.

Moreover, his decision making and awareness on the pitch can be found wanting at times – he is no stranger to giving the ball away in advanced areas.

This season, Mudryk has shown no signs of improving over his tally from last season – he has yet to score a goal or register an assist in the Premier League. However, as he has only featured in five games so far this campaign, he still has plenty of time.

A run of games could be what the Ukrainian starlet needs to re-discover his mojo – first of all, he should focus on trying to snatch that all-important first goal for the club in the Premier League.