Can Mourinho Be Chelsea’s Savior?

Can Mourinho Be Chelsea’s Savior?

Mourinho has had a rough month. His team has managed to lose more matches this season than they’ve lost since they started with the Portuguese coach. With things falling apart for Real and with rumors of conflicts between Mourinho and several key players from Madrid, Chelsea is again showing interest in the man that got them their first Premier League title in 50 years. Rumor has it that Guardiola was the Blues’ first choice because Mourinho stated several times that he will not leave his team although his future is in the Premier League. With Pep signing with Bayern and with all the fans’ discontent with the Portuguese coach and his conflict with Iker Casillas, Roman Abramovich looks tempted to give it another try and offer Mourinho a contract at the end of the season.

Rafael Benitez has signed a short term contract and replaced Di Matteo, but his future with the Blues is not looking that bright. He has a dreadful series of results and will probably leave the club at the end of this season if not earlier.

Since he left, Mourinho was linked to Chelsea each and every year and rumors of him coming back have never stopped. These rumors are closer to reality more than ever, as the Portuguese coach is almost certain he will split ties with Real Madrid at the end of the season.

Although his colaboration with the Chelsea’s Russian investor ended for no apparent reason the first time, Mourinho is probably going to give it another try. The Blues will probably have to fight for the Portuguese coach as PSG and Manchester City are very likely to let Ancelotti and Mancini go due to their lack of trophies.

The problem with Mourinho is that he will not allow any outside interference as far as his team goes and that might be a big issue with Abramovich. The Russian club owner is known to get his way by getting involved in team affairs such as starting line-ups, transfers or contract renewals. Add that to the fact that he had to pay Mourinho £18 million in compensation for firing him and you get a pretty complicated situation with no certain outcome.  Another issue that can cause Chelsea to lose Mourinho’s signature is his failed attempt to bring the Champions League trophy to Madrid. If he fails again this year, he might just try one last time and go for it in the 2013-2014 season.

Chelsea’s thirst for trophies may be stronger than Abramovich’s stubbornness to interfere with the team, so the Portuguese coach may end up on Stamford Bridge after all. This season is a massive disappointment for the Blues as they will do well to end up third in the Premier League being too many points behind to catch up to the leader. They have also been eliminated from the Champions League group stages, ending up in the Europa League, which is an important competition but not a priority for Chelsea. After investing £80 million in transfers, they managed to lose the UEFA Super Cup, the Community Shield, the FIFA Club World Cup and Capital One Cup, so a change is definitely needed and a strong coach like Mourinho seems to be the proper solution.

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  1. Hey pls i want mourinho back @ chelsea so that i will be in stamford bridge back live