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What’s happening at Chelsea this summer?

The situation at Chelsea this summer is a strange one. It’s been almost two months since the Blues lifted the FA Cup following their 1-0 victory over Manchester United, something that seemed almost certain to be Antonio Conte’s last game in charge of the club.

The fall outs between Conte and his players have been well documented, and it’s been made quite clear by various players that they don’t see themselves staying at Stamford Bridge if the Italian remains. However, as things stand, Conte is still in charge – and has begun his pre-season training for the club this week.

It’s been a horrendous few months for the club, and it’s fair to say that as time goes on without a resolution, things can only really get worse.

Chelsea have made no signings so far this summer, and the stars they are linked with seem to be only media fuelled rumours with no real substance to them. This is understandable though, with the Blues seemingly yet to decide who will lead them into the 18/19 season.

So what’s the hold up? Why is Antonio Conte still in charge of the Blues, and why is their top target to replace him still nowhere near agreeing terms?

It has been widely reported that in order for Chelsea to cut their ties with Conte, it would cost them around £9million in compensation, something they almost certainly don’t want to do. On the other hand, they are probably hoping that another team will come in for the Italian and help them out by paying a fee to Chelsea for his services – reducing the cost to the Blues.

Similarly, in their search for a new manager themselves, it’s reported that in order to get Maurizio Sarri free from Napoli this summer they will need to fork out around £7million in compensation too! Meaning a combined total of £16m just to sign themselves a new manager.

It’s a hell of a situation to be in for Chelsea, and as time goes on it will only cause more disruption to the camp. A decision must be made on whether or not they stick with Conte – resulting in the unrest of several stars, gritting their teeth and paying over the odds to replace him with their No.1 target, or target a new manager altogether.

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