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United fans finally seeing what Chelsea warned them about all along

When you spend the majority of your press conference attacking Paul Scholes, then you know your manager is losing the plot.

The Ginger Prince was spot on with his evaluation of Pogba’s performances since he has joined the club – yet Mourinho turned into the Jose ‘I’m a successful manager’ roadshow and made it all about him and how pundits should challenge themselves to manage rather than criticize.

The fact of the matter is that Scholes had only observed what the majority of United fans are witnessing and therefore maybe Mourinho should actually question his inability to motivate his big players to perform.

Obviously this is nothing new and my Chelsea fans warned me about him and how his methods were behind the times and somewhat archaic. Jose’s inconsistency with praising and criticizing certain players – as he did with Mata and Willian at Chelsea – has been mirrored with his constant criticisms of Luke Shaw and Phil Jones, whilst failing to point the finger at Lukaku and Pogba and their frustrating performances for the large part of the season.

Maybe Jose is simply trying to justify the ridiculous fees he has spent on these players and how misguided he may have been with these signings in the first place.

It is really concerning and I really think some of his other outbursts – notably the recent question marks over the amount of money that Man City has spent in comparison to United. It is a pitiful argument, especially given the quality of football on display at the Etihad – as painful as that is to admit for United fans – Chelsea fans can only look on and laugh.

The bottom line is United have spent fortunes since Fergie retired and unfortunately that money was in the hands of arguably the three most negative managers you could ever want to manage at Old Trafford.

The bottom line here is that in the summer they needed a change of direction at the top and a young vibrant manager who will not only get United back to their attacking ways of the Fergie years, but build a foundation in much the same way that Pep is doing down the road.

I know Jose was the big name manager that they thought the club needed at the time, after Moyes and LVG, but the past 18months we have seen why Fergie had reservations about him as his potential successor and why Chelsea fans were actually glad to see the back of him in the end.

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