The Falcao Saga Continues…

The Falcao Saga Continues…

Chelsea is in desperate need of a quality striker and Athletico’s Radamel Falcao looks like the perfect target. Rumors about him signing with Chelsea have been circulating the web since last year’s summer transfer period, but nothing has happened. Many expected the Colombian to already be playing home games on Stamford Bridge at the beginning of 2013 but Falcao decided to stay with his current team up until the end of the season. His transfer to Chelsea was looking almost certain because Atletico’s goalkeeper Courtois, who is on loan with Madrid, was seen as the perfect exchange element to shave at least £10 million off of Falcao’s transfer fee (estimated at £45+ million).

Recently it has looked as if the Colombian striker’s move to Chelsea was only a matter of time and that the Blues will finally get the world class striker they desire to replace Torres who is having yet another disappointing season showing little of his Liverpool form.

According to recent rumors, Real Madrid are also looking to make some epic transfers this summer and Falcao is on their list. The Colombian has come out in the press rejecting all rumors and said that he still has three years of contract with Atletico and that it is better for him to stay with his current team.

Falcao also talked about how important team goals are, and how great he is feeling playing for what he considers to be one of the greatest clubs in Spain and in the world. He is very thankful for what Atletico have done for him and he intends to not break his contract earlier than promised.

As far as his transfer to Chelsea goes, Falcao seems to be back tracking. Although the pull of the Champions League must be attractive to him, as Atletico are not usually in it and clearly Chelsea are regular participants. Ultimately, this will probably be an important factor in Radamel’s decision regarding his future.

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  1. Falcao in, Torres out, is a really nice decision chelsea take for bringing falcao, by God grace he will come to chelsea.