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Should Conte’s “Austerity Program” Statement Worry Fans?

Conte might have given Chelsea fans something to think about. He recently hinted that Chelsea are not going to join the spending spree that other Premier League clubs are going through.

Even though it appears that the Blues have spent more in Conte’s 2nd season there’s no mind-blowing move to debunk the Italian boss’ hint that Stamford Bridge is running on an austerity budget.

Morata cost a lot, that’s true but his arrival fee was covered by selling Diego Costa and Matic. The likes of Vidal or Alexis Sanchez who have been linked to Chelsea could cost double that which is again lessening enthusiasm that they could put on the blue shirt anytime soon.

On the other hand, we could say that this is just a tactic to help the club spend less. Teams willing to sell, regardless of how profitable they are, will always take such statements into consideration. For example, saying that you as a club are willing to pay as much as needed for any player will definitely allow the selling side to slap an over inflated price tag on transfer targets.

Keeping things low-key and showing you are not spending whatever is asked from you might have the opposite reaction which would only be a good thing for Chelsea.

The prospect of an austerity program has already become a trending Twitter subject among Chelsea supporters:

Whatever Conte’s intention was, fans do not seem at peace with the current situation and even went as far as to suggest the Italian boss might be looking to leave because of the money problems just as it happened when managing Juventus.

Hopefully, as mentioned this is just a tactic and important players will come to Stamford Bridge. The club would need top-level additions to keep up with Liverpool, City and United.

The irony of the timing of this post is not lost on us as within minutes of the publishing of this post the signing of Ross Barkley from Everton was confirmed by Chelsea for what looks like a steal for only £15m as the midfielder has expressed the appetite to add more goals to his game.

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