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Should Chelsea Fight To Keep Lampard?

The speculation regarding Frank Lampard’s future continues to bemuse many people in football. What else does he have to do to be offered a new deal at Chelsea? reveals that there have been many rumors regarding Lampard’s departure, especially a couple of months ago. It looked like Abramovich was not keen on keeping the English international at Stamford Bridge for yet another season. Chelsea’s player has managed some amazing performances since then and things seemed to be back on track with talks about a one year contract extension being written all around the mass-media. The MLS was Lampard’s most probable destination considering his age and the significant amount of money US teams are ready to invest in overseas players. Apparently, the Blues’ midfielder is ready to turn down any offer coming from the United States as long as the rumors that predict Mourinho’s return become true.

Losing Lampard would be a poor decision on behalf of the entire management team, considering the English international has had an impressive season and is Chelsea’s top scorer as far as the Premier League goes. It will also be a mistake not to offer him at least one more year of contract because of his age. He has proven more than fit enough to perform at the highest level possible each and every time Benitez has needed him. This is one of the main reasons fans had such a strong reaction when finding out one of the Blues’ most iconic players may leave the team this summer.

Because of his great form, Lampard has also been linked to some other important European teams especially those from Italy who have always had strong groups based on experienced players rather than young talents. Inter and Juventus both look like possible destinations for the English midfielder.

Lampard’s love for Chelsea is so great that he is willing to turn down a massive contract deal with LA Galaxy who are still willing to pay a lot to bring the English international to California. His decision will probably only come at the end of the season when some in-club changes will surely take place. According to recent rumors, offering Lampard a contract extension would be one of Mourinho’s priorities if he reaches an agreement to take over the Blues.

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