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Serie A Defender Plus Midfielder Linked To Chelsea As Part Of Fabregas Trade?

What would be the connection between Serie A players and Fabregas? Well, the Spaniard continues to be linked with a move to Conte’s home country despite starting vs Man City recently. Even though it`s hard to say goodbye to such a player, his departure looks inevitable. That doesn’t mean good things cannot come from seeing Fabregas leave for Serie A. Apparently, according to the Daily Star, there are two options for the midfielder who could either join Roma or Inter. There’s a catch though or better yet, some perks that might come from such a move. Conte might get the chance to sign one of two major targets who normally would not be available to buy.

First there’s Croatian midfielder Marcelo Brozovic who just extended his contract at Inter this December. There are two ways of looking at this – either he is not for sale or he will be for sale and the club just wanted to up his price before January by tying him to the team for a few more years. There is a rumor that negotiations might start with a swap between the two clubs, a swap that would have Fabregas play for Inter for the 2nd half of the season. It is yet to be seen what will happen as Inter may not play with the perspective the Spaniard is used to. It would be nice to see Brozovic next to Matic and Kante though as it would really create one of the most aggressive and hard-working lines in modern football.

There’s also another way Conte could try and use Fabregas and that is to begin negotiations with Roma. After losing Miralem Pjanic to Juventus, the Italians have struggled a bit despite having Nainggolan and Strootman around. They need a more creative mind which Fabregas surely is. In return, Chelsea could look to acquire Antonio Rudiger who has been on the Blues’ radar for quite a while now. Again, just as in Brozovic’s case, Rudiger is freshly signed by the club so it`s hard to believe he would be let go unless they are getting full value for him.

While Fabregas is an excellent player, you cannot make someone feel good so it may be best for all parties involved to make a change. Brozovic would be the more interesting transfer given the fact that the defense is doing pretty well and that Zouma is expected to get back to fitness soon.

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