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Schurrle’s Signing With Chelsea Imminent

It looks like the moment Chelsea fans have been looking forward to is closer than ever. According to recent rumors Andre Schurrle is about to sign with the Blues by the end of the week. The German international is one of Europe’s most valuable and promising youngsters. He fits perfectly with Chelsea’s new transfer strategy and will definitely be a nice addition to a team that is already impressing the fans with footballers such as Hazard, Oscar or Mata.

Schurrle, who is still with Leverkusen, is expected to come to London at the end of this week. Skysports reveals that if the transfer finally goes through, Chelsea’s managerial team will be quite proud of their achievement. They have been monitoring the 22 year old attacker for a while now and have already placed a bid for him at the beginning of the 2012-2013 season. The Blues started off with a £12 million offer which was not enough. Rumors stay that they will now pay £20 million in order to secure the German’s signature.

Chelsea tried to include one of their most promising players in the Schurrle deal, but failed to convince Leverkusen, who are not short of players. Kevin de Bruyne could have ended up playing for the German side, but the deal did not go through.

It is expected that Schurrle will receive VIP treatment each time he visits Chelsea while the whole transfer is being worked out. He received special treatment when he was invited to watch Chelsea playing against City in the FA Cup earlier in the year.

If Schurrle moves to London, he will reportedly start on a £90,000 a week salary, which will make him one of the most well remunerated young players in Europe.

According to numerous reports, Ingo Haspel, Schurrle’s agent seems to think it is a matter of time until the German international signs the deal. It will be a major step for Schurrle and his career if he comes to West London but he will have to face tough opposition though with rumors saying that Falcao has already agreed to a deal in principal with Chelsea.

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  • Says:

    C. Chelsea need three good strikers to come and chanlleg der skills. Facaol is first den hulk and any oda one can b added. We loose so many truphies due to lack of goals from our strikers. Pls we need more.

  • femi Says:

    Forget andre A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ bring back kevin de bruyne…….. This guy will offer a lot if given ɑ̤̥̈̊ chance….trust me Emenalo Į̸̸̨§ blind nt τ̲̅õ̸̳͡ recognise this…

  • ohlumeedey Says:

    Chelseafc should pls buy dis guy calld andrea shurrle…and also luk bck to our youth accademy n promote some talented player to d first team…e.g kiwomya…misonda..nathaniel ake…chaloban…lalkovic..pappoe n many others..

  • Udo jite Says:

    Buy him bring bak de bruyne and let lukaku stay 4one more season on loan and i tink is time 2bring bak omeruo

  • Amos Z. Gaye Sr. Says:

    Bravo chelsea, get us Schurrel and bring back De bruyne,Thibaut Courtois and if falcao is to come there are may more strikers out there. with Bah, mata, Hazard, Oscar and moses we can make it . sell torres and get hulk and falcao. i promise you chelsea will go all the way comes next season.

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