One Win Is Not Enough As Fans Still Call For Mourinho

One Win Is Not Enough As Fans Still Call For Mourinho

It is beginning to seem more and more obvious that Benitez will not be leading Chelsea into next season. The Spaniard has had a tough time dealing with angry fans that don’t see the ex-Liverpool manager as a good fit for the Blues. He has been under constant pressure since the beginning of his contract and his only hope was to win over The Pensioners’ fans by making the absolute most out of the millions of pounds invested in players.

Benitez has failed to create a united and confident group and has managed to stay on at Stamford Bridge only because players such as Hazard, Lampard and Mata have shined throughout the season.

The Blues’ last match against West Bromwich was yet another occasion for fans to express their concern with their team’s future. Although managing to win, Chelsea struggled against a team that should not have caused so many problems. Just before the game, Benitez spoke out to the fans and urged them to forget about their ongoing conflict. He also said that all their energy should be focused on supporting the team and not on who is calling the on pitch plays. His cry for help did not seem to matter that much to the Stamford Bridge crowd who still booed the Spaniard albeit a little bit less than in previous matches. Several banners could be seen in the stands demanding his resignation.

Some rumors say that Benitez was never going to be anything more than just an interim manager (no matter what he did) until Mourinho could return to what he said was the best experience of his coaching career. During the game against West Bromwich some fans chanted the name of Real Madrid’s coach showing the love that still exists for the “Special One”.

Even with Chelsea still having an excellent chance of making it into next years’ Champions League plus they can still win the Europa League and the FA Cup this year it remains questionable that Benitez will survive until the end of the season.

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  1. Have never believe that Benitex has any ability, skill or Tactics that can move Chelsea forward because he’s not fit to be Blues Manager. Having Benitex is a great mistake that has brought unforgettable setback, defeat, shame and insult on Chelsea personalities. If there’s no solution next season definately Chelsea will loss many faithful fans.

  2. Pls just let dis rafa go back2his house,he has done alot of damage,s how i wish, d mattieo,d club legend

  3. I personally support is resignation is not real interim manager for Chelsea.