Malouda Close To Anzhi Move As Russians Weigh Up Bid

Malouda Close To Anzhi Move As Russians Weigh Up Bid

The teams playing in the Russian championship still have a few days left for transfers so some last minute moves are in order. Anzhi Makhachkala which is one of the most powerful teams in the world as far as finances go, are still trying to bring in major names and follow on Manchester City or PSG’s footsteps, who have both allocated massive amounts of money to their transfer policies. After managing a brilliant move by signing Willian, who was one of the most sought after midfielders on the continent, Anzhi is trying to bring in Chelsea’s Florent Malouda. The Frenchman hasn’t played in quite some time for the Blues and is desperate to make a move. The 32 year old left wing is in his last five months of contract and did not receive any extension offers.

Malouda, who was once one of Chelsea’s best players, has been training with the Blues’ Under 21 team since September. He has been on the transfer list since the summer of 2012, but failed to find another team.

This attempt to sign Florent Malouda is not Anzhi’s first. In 2011 they offered to buy the Frenchman, who was then one of the key players for the Stamford Bridge team. According to Russian newspapers, the current offer for Chelsea’s midfielder is already on the table. People at Anzhi are offering an 18 month long contract worth €1.5. The player’s representative said that Malouda is really eager to leave, but also said that he cannot comment on the Russian’s offer.

Malouda’s downfall started when Roberto Di Matteo told him he no longer needed his services. Lyon were rumored to be interested in bringing him back to his old club but the parties could not agree a deal as seemingly Malouda would not agree to a significant wage reduction to allow him to move on in a loan deal. Another team reportedly seriously interested in Florent was the Brazilian club Vasco Da Gama but again somehow the deal fell through and apparently Vasco Da Gama were not the only Brazilian team interested in him to Brazil in the recent transfer window. Back at Stamford Bridge, even with a change of coach, things don’t seem to be picking up for the Frenchman. Benitez has been with Chelsea for two months and according to recent statements hasn’t even spoken to the Blues midfielder.

Even though his conflict with the club is pretty obvious, Chelsea’s managerial team decided to include Malouda on the 25 player list submitted after the transfer window, which grants him the right to play for his team until the end of the season, in every competition. This revelation is definitely a surprise but who knows maybe he can reproduce some of his old magic if he is given another opportunity.

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