Joe Cole On How Lenses Made Him A Better Player

Joe Cole On How Lenses Made Him A Better Player

Joe Cole On How Lenses Made Him A Better PlayerFormer Chelsea, Liverpool, West Ham and Lille player, Joe Cole shared a few interesting facts about his career. Apparently, if not for Acuvue’s contact lenses, his career might have gone downhill from a very early age. The 32 year old who has been one of the Premier League’s most impressive players over the course of his career, started having eyesight problems when he was just 20 years old. Fortunately he also learned about Acuvue and their products shortly after the diagnosis of his eyesight condition which allowed him to take advantage of the many benefits of using the lenses like having excellent peripheral vision which he needed to be able to perform in the high intensity midfield postions for the top premiership sides.

In the early days, when he was playing for West Ham, he had to make a great impression with every chance he got considering his young age and the tough competition but it was once he got to Chelsea that Cole started wearing Acuvue’s special contact lenses and his confidence and obvious talent really came to the fore after his eyesight problems were diagnosed.

According to the former English international’s statements, wearing contacts became a habit really quickly. It also had a major impact on his game. Just as he started using Acuvue lenses his pitch awareness became a whole lot better. His assists which he later on became famous for, became more accurate and more difficult to intercept by the opposing side. His decision making also got better because of the fact that his eyes reacted faster and he felt the benefits both on and off the pitch.

Joe Cole now recommends players to use contact lenses if the situation demands it. They can make the world of difference and they won’t even know they’re there. Accuvue provide some of the most flexible and light lenses on the market. You can watch a video about the story here or at the end of the story below.

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