Joe Cole Identifies One Key Trait Which Frank Lampard Shares With Jurgen Klopp

Joe Cole Identifies One Key Trait Which Frank Lampard Shares With Jurgen Klopp

Former Chelsea midfielder Joe Cole thinks Blues boss Frank Lampard shares the same relentless desire to succeed as Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. 

The London club’s rivals won the Premier League title last night as a result of Chelsea’s victory against Manchester City, but Cole feels that there are some interesting similarities between Lampard and Klopp:

“I think Frank is very similar to Jurgen in his relentlessness, in his pursuit of excellence, he’s pushing that Chelsea team… Frank, how we know him, he’ll be delighted with his team, delighted with his performance [against City], but he’ll be pushing on.”

“He’ll be driving them, young players, right, we want to finish third, we want to win the FA Cup and then next year we want to be where Liverpool are tonight.”

Lampard has already shown this season that he is determined to improve the team’s consistency, and the club’s moves in the transfer market have also shown the desire to close the gap with Liverpool and City at the top of the table.

The performance against Pep Guardiola’s side yesterday evening also showed some very promising signs. Although it is best to not look too far ahead, if they play like that for the remainder of the season, they should comfortably finish in the Champions League places.

Whether they will progress to a point where Lampard’s team is able to challenge for the title as soon as next season, we shall have to wait and see.

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