Is Abramovich Ready To Sack Benitez?

Is Abramovich Ready To Sack Benitez?

Things are not going well for Chelsea ahead of their clash against Wigan. Although Benitez was brought in to improve The Blues record, the Spanish coach has not managed to live up to expectations. He has had some very poor weeks at Stamford Bridge and has had problems finding the best solutions for his team. A minority of fans say that Benitez should have been offered a long term contract and that a 6 month interim contract was not going to solve Chelsea’s problems. They were probably right as Benitez does not look fully engaged in making the most out of his appointment at The Bridge.

In recent statements the Spanish coach revealed that his relationship with the club and especially Roman Abramovich is not very close considering he hasn’t spoken with the Russian club owner for three weeks and counting. Most say that this is the result of Benitez’s failure to deliver a streak of good results and solid performances.

The most probable outcome of the Russian’s silent treatment is that Benitez and Chelsea will part ways. This is definitely a foreseeable outcome considering the Blues have only won three of their past 10 matches.

According to Benitez, the last conversation he had with the Russian club owner was after the match against Arsenal when Abramovich was quite happy with the way his team performed. That happened 20 days ago and since then Chelsea’s coach has been receiving feedback from other members of the staff but not directly from the Russian.

Benitez also says his future is not yet determined with the club and that the line will be drawn at the end of the season. He said that he takes each match at a time and does not think of what is to come as far as his future at Stamford Bridge goes. All his past discussions with Roman Abramovich have been about on-field football matters and on-field football matters alone.

Over the past few days most press outlets have issued questions regarding Benitez’s imminent departure, but the Spaniard has refused to respond. He has pushed all the attention onto the match against Wigan and has maintained a balanced, diplomatic attitude that sort of suggests that he will not be coaching Chelsea for much longer.

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  1. More than and over once again I think about these issue. As a matter of fact it was not even yesterday that I last thought about it. To be honest, what is your thought though?

  2. Abramovic pls sack dis man b4 we play our europa league he is nt good see against wigan he don’t knw wot 2 do if we take dis man 2 europa league den we r out swallow ur pride and listing 2 d fans is nt about u only but about d football fans of d club tanz.

  3. Refel Benitez should go because if Abrahamovich sack him he as nothing to lose instead of him bring the team to drain he better leave

  4. The earlier he leaves the better for CFC. For me he is like an ice under water that would sink a ship,captain (owner) be warned.

  5. Abeg mak Abramovich do sumtn dn’t keep silent go 4 Di Matteo or anuda beta coach. Rafeal is Not a gud Coach. Pls mak us happy, we fans no lyk dx man.

  6. If Beni must leave, we must get Mou back so stop insulting him afterall is d worst coach in d world

  7. It’s as simple as ABC Beni can not manage chelsea. Something is wrong psycologically. Chelsea should swalow their pride and call Dimateo back. Because he can work with Any body.

  8. Benitez does not worth to coach chelsea at all, well dimateo is the best coach ever for chelsea, i am implying Abramovic to please call him back so chelsea fans can be happy and have a better result…………..
    Benitez out of chelsea..

  9. The sooner this useless man is removed from Chelsea the better. Get lost from my club! We are in a worst position now than when he took over. Utter crap of a manager!