“I’d Hate To Think…” Gary Neville Gives His Take On Whether Tuchel’s Job Is On The Line

“I’d Hate To Think…” Gary Neville Gives His Take On Whether Tuchel’s Job Is On The Line

Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville doesn’t believe Thomas Tuchel‘s job at Chelsea is at risk at the moment but he is concerned by their recent drop in form.

The Blues’ 0-0 draw against Wolves yesterday means they are now six points behind league leaders Manchester City and while Neville thinks Tuchel’s success since joining the side means he shouldn’t be sacked, he knows the club are not always that patient:

“I think he’s got enough credit in the bank. I know it’s a club that does things very differently, but I’d hate to think that Thomas Tuchel is under pressure and they’re thinking of making a change, I can’t believe that to be the case. I think he’ll be a little bit worried. I think mentally when you try to get a game called off and you’re then told to play it, I can’t think that will help the mindset in that game. I know they didn’t have a full bench, and we’ll have to ask later why more young players couldn’t come onto it, but it was a strong Chelsea team.”

There are many factors that have led to this sticky patch in form for Chelsea. Undoubtedly the virus and injuries have been the biggest culprit but there are other issues.

Tuchel has one of the biggest squads in the league and you can’t say that the team that faced Wolves wasn’t good enough to get the three points. Currently, there is a lack of cutting edge at the top end of the pitch and they have lost some solidity at the back. It seems that everything has to be working perfectly for Tuchel’s side to secure a win. To win a title, you have to grind out points and that’s where they’ve fallen short recently.

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