How Graham Potter Turned The Tide At Chelsea

How Graham Potter Turned The Tide At Chelsea

Just a few weeks ago, Chelsea fans were calling for the head of manager Graham Potter – but, the former Brighton manager has now won three games in a row with the Blues (against Leeds, Borussia Dortmund and Leicester City). So how did he turn the tide when things looked so bleak?

Chelsea have no lack of attacking talent – in fact, they have so many talented forward players, it’s difficult to fit them all in. This one of many problems faced by Graham Potter – however, he seems to be keeping his squad happy with a policy of rotation.

While the Blues’ lack of a natural striker has been well-documented, Potter has acknowledged this – he has begun to encourage players in all areas of the pitch to chip in with goals. In their previous three games, three of Chelsea’s goals have been scored by defenders and midfielders.

Potter has allowed his players more freedom to maraud up the pitch, which means that Chelsea have been able to create more overloads in advantageous areas. This has given space to players such as Mykhailo Mudryk, Kai Havertz and former Liverpool and Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling – it has also allowed them to escape their markers with far greater ease.

On top of this, Havertz seems to be finally settling into his makeshift role as a lone striker. While he still lacks the physicality needed to effectively play that position, he’s beginning to find himself in goalscoring positions with far more regularity – his finishing is improving, too.

While there are still major issues at Chelsea that will need addressing, Potter has finally begun to steady the ship. Whether this good form will continue is currently unclear – but the Blues are starting to look like a strong outfit once again.

Is it too late to make a run at the top 4? With a perfect finish to the season without dropping any points you would think they still have a chance albeit small of overhauling Liverpool, Man Utd and Spurs.