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Has Conte Found The Perfect Fit For Chelsea’s Midfield?

Chelsea are left without two important players as Oscar and Mikel left this January. While their influence over this season’s performance was quite small, their presence was very important. They were always there and they had the ability to replace a number of players in the side without losing quality. Fabregas is also very close to leaving so who will take their place? Who will step in to coordinate the game? Kante and Matic are incredible players but they are more defensive-oriented rather than attack oriented.

According to Metro, Conte’s savior might be coming from Germany. While many think Javier Hernandez is Chelsea’s main Bundesliga target, it appears that another Leverkusen man has sparked interest at Stamford Bridge. His name is Hakan Calhanoglu and he is among the few no.10s in modern football. The 22-year-old is similar to Ozil or Isco and has loads of experience. He has already made 26 appearances for his country and is one of the most sought-payers in the world.

He is a good combination between Oscar and Fabregas having great pace and excellent game awareness which allows him to create loads of scoring opportunities. He is under contract until 2019 but he might be interested in moving as Leverkusen are 9 points away from the top 3. Currently in 9th place, the German side will probably lose their spot in next year’s Champions League or Europa League. This year they are facing Atletico and are the underdogs. If they lose, they will not be featured in any other European competition so Calhanoglu might be tempted to abandon ship this January so he has time to get settled in for the summer training period. It remains to be seen if Conte will take action and make a bid for the 22-year-old who would surely have a positive impact on the team if he joins Chelsea.