‘I Still Have To Pinch Myself’ Former Chelsea Star Names Best EVER Teammate

‘I Still Have To Pinch Myself’ Former Chelsea Star Names Best EVER Teammate

Former Chelsea defender Gary Cahill has named the best player that he ever played alongside over the course of his career – none other than Blues legend, Eden Hazard.

He cited Hazard’s natural talent and his ability to turn a game on its head. Additionally, Cahill also expressed astonishment that the Belgian was not a success at Real Madrid, calling it a ‘shame’.

What did former Chelsea star Gary Cahill say in the interview?

Speaking to Parimatch, Cahill said: “When I look back at some of the squads I played in at Chelsea, sometimes I still have to pinch myself even now! They were all full of international stars and serial winners. I think Eden Hazard is the best player I played with when it comes to his natural ability.

“He went out and just played with a smile on his face, almost as if he were just playing in the park with his mates. He could turn a game around by himself so he was definitely one of the best players I’ve ever played with.

“People would come to the stadium, whether they were home or away fans, and they were coming just to watch him play. That is the biggest amount of respect you can put on his name; people came to watch him play. Some of the things he did on the pitch were phenomenal. A lot of times he was playing on the left when I was on the left side of a back three and it was a joy for me. I would just give him the ball at every opportunity.

“It is a shame and a surprise that things didn’t turn out the way he would’ve wanted them to at Real Madrid. When my dad used to come and watch me for Chelsea, he used to say that Hazard was one of those players that you’d pay to watch. He probably came to watch Eden rather than me to be honest!”