English Legend Attacks Chelsea For Huge Decline

English Legend Attacks Chelsea For Huge Decline

Fans are not the only ones critical of where things are heading for Chelsea. Benitez has never been seen as a permanent solution for the Blues and that state of insecurity is constantly reflected onto the pitch. The team is not well organized and looks tired. Even the Spaniard leading the Stamford Bridge team said that his greatest accomplishments were making some players stand out and reach their full potential. It is obvious that he is aware that the team as a unit rarely works and his position is kept alive by the brilliance of players such as Lampard, Hazard and Mata.

Benitez had an episode a few days ago when he lashed out, being fed up with criticism coming his way. His reaction was somewhat understandable but received a lot of negative feedback making fans even angrier than before.

One of most recent comments that targeted not only Benitez but also the entire club came from Alan Shearer. The former English international came down hard on the Blues’ managerial style and said that Chelsea is now an embarrassing mess that has no sense of direction regarding any of the clubs’ aspects.

Shearer, who was one of the most successful strikers in the history of England’s national team, felt the need to say what he had on his mind after Benitez stretched the patience of Chelsea fans as a reaction to criticism that did not stop even after a 2-0 win against Middlesbrough. The former English international said that the entire club lacks class and that the fact that a team with such high expectations has to deal with these problems is embarrassing. Shearer understood Benitez’s reaction but said things should not have reached this point and that the fans are entitled to express their disappointment.

Newcastle’s ex manager also said that Chelsea’s coach has had enough criticism and that it is not entirely his fault the team does not perform as it should. He was brought in as a temporary solution and he has tried to make the most out of it. He has managed to keep the team in the top 4 places of the Premier League with 10 fixtures left, he is still fighting to win the second most important inter-club completion, the Europa League, and has a good chance of keeping the FA Cup at Stamford Bridge. All these things don’t seem to matter for the fans who want Mourinho back as they believe he will bring the domestic and international trophies.

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