Cuevas Close To Chelsea Move

Cuevas Close To Chelsea Move

Chelsea is looking to move forward with their new plan to create a competitive team with mostly young players. They have made some smart moves by acquiring players such as Oscar, Moses, Hazard, Azpilicueta and even Mata, who are all under 25 years of age. According to recent rumors the Blues are going for another rising star that is already valued at around £3.5 million even if he is only 17. His name is Cristian Cuevas and he is currently playing for O’Higgins Fútbol Club (a Chilean Primera Division club), and he has been with this team since 2011. According to Cuevas’s representative, the move could have been done in January but all sides want to have the best deal possible and decided to wait until June to sign any papers.

The Chilean left midfielder is one of the most well regarded young players in the world and will most likely explode over the summer. Cuevas’s agent said that it is just a matter of time until his client joins the Blues at Stamford Bridge. He said that the negotiations are in their final stage and that the transfer to Chelsea is a sure thing.

The battle for signing the Chilean U20 international was carried against Italian side Udinese that have also managed some interesting transfers over the past year. Even if the chances of Cuevas being picked as a first choice for Chelsea’s team during the next season are pretty low, the young midfielder is better suited for the Premier League rather than to serie a.

Cuevas is very accurate in his dribbling and does a lot to help his team. He is a great team player and creates many opportunities for his teammates. He is currently playing as a wide midfielder making him rather unique. He will probably need some time to grow and will spend some time out on loan playing for other teams, gaining much needed experience in British football rather than for Chelsea, which is known to loan out young players such as Marin and Courtois.

If the Blues manage to sign the 17 years old Chilean, it will be quite the accomplishment. No one can tell if Cuevas is going to live up to expectations but he definitely looks like an amazing catch at this specific moment in his career.

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