Courtois Snubs Possibility Of Involvement In Falcao’s Move To Chelsea

Courtois Snubs Possibility Of Involvement In Falcao’s Move To Chelsea

Courtois Snubs Possibility Of Falcao's Move To ChelseaChelsea is looking to secure a strong and efficient striker’s signature as soon as possible in order not to miss out during the summer transfer period. Falcao has been linked to Chelsea since last August and he is probably going to end up playing for the Blues. Negotiations will not be easy considering the Columbian striker is one of the most sought after players in the world. After yet another amazing season for his team, it seems he will leave Spain and direct his attention towards the Premier League although he has recently made comments suggesting he may stay with Atletico but this is probably just a tactic to leverage a better compensation package for himself. Because of Falcao’s consistency when it comes to scoring goals, his price has gone through the roof over the past few years and even though Chelsea spent a lot of money on players that did not deliver, they are reluctant to pay the full £45 million for Atletico’s striker.

There were rumors that indicated Thibaut Courtois might play an important role in the signing Falcao. The Belgian goalkeeper is currently playing on loan at Atletico and has had an incredible season becoming one of the best goalkeepers in the world.  He is feeling great in the Primera Division and people say he will become a permanent member of the Spanish team during the summer transfer period.

In recent statements, Courtois told the press that he sees himself as the right man to take Cech’s places after the Czech goalkeeper decides to step back or is deemed to be on the downside of his career. Chelsea probably agrees with that but considering the fact that their weakest position is that of a striker and that Cech is only 30 years old, Courtois may be kidding himself. Add to that the fact that the Belgian is valued at about £15 million and you will get a certain transfer recipe. If an exchange will be made, Falcao will be transferred for £30 million, which is half of what Abramovich paid for Torres who is one of the biggest disappointments of the past number of years.

Courtois was interviewed by a Belgian reporter to whom he said that he is pretty confident that his future is with Chelsea, regardless all the rumors of him being up for a permanent transfer to Atletico. He also said that he is focusing on what games are left until the end of the season and that he did not expect to improve his game as much as he did over the past year.

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  1. Pls be it what courtois should not be tampered with.falcao is not the only player doing well.there are players that can prove themselves right in the field.find the cheaper.enough of dat loss.