Could Luiz Leave The Bridge For Spanish Giants Barcelona?

Could Luiz Leave The Bridge For Spanish Giants Barcelona?

Could Luiz Leave The Bridge For Spanish Giants Barcelona?It seems like Barcelona’s intentions of placing a bid for Chelsea’s David Luiz are starting to become more and more apparent, with the current football season soon coming to an end. The Catalan team are looking to make some important investments as they have done each year, and it looks like the Blues’ defender is their main target. It is very hard to imagine why Chelsea would let one of their best players go but you never know, especially considering the fact that this summer will probably start with Benitez’s departure.

Luiz issued some statements regarding Barcelona’s interest and said that it is an honor to make it on their summer wish-list. He was very happy that a club with such high standards consider him for a place in their starting line-up.

The only chance Barca would have at signing the Brazilian defender is to table a massive offer, as Luiz was brought in for £22 million meaning he will cost at least £30-40 million at the end of this season. Chances are the Catalans will invest a part of that amount in a new goalkeeper, considering Valdes’ refusal to renew his contract, meaning they will have to turn their attention towards finding another solution.

David Luiz was asked if there is any chance of him leaving, and he responded by saying he is with Chelsea now and is trying hard to make people appreciate him for his dedication to his current team.

Barca’s interest in the Brazilian defender grew especially because of the way Benitez decided to use Luiz. He has proved to be a most versatile player and he would be an excellent fit at the Camp Nou. It is well known that Barcelona are famous for being an attack oriented team and even the defenders participate in the team’s attempts on goal so Luiz would clearly be a good fit there.

I see him as a possible captain for Chelsea and I really hope we hang on to him. as there are no other players like him. Do you think we should allow him to leave?

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  1. Let him go, he forgot he was posted at the centre back on sunday game against Man city and he was going forward, did he want to go and score? Maybe somebody should ask him, let him go

  2. Please let him go.He is one of the main reasons for chelsea’s troubled season. He is too eratic,often too rash and a big let down in some important matches. On sunday,he lost the ball countless number of times in the midfield and was subsequently caught out of position.The dilemma about him is that if he stays in the defensive areas,he commits rash and most times unnecessary fouls,thus handing undue advantage to our opponents.If he strays into the midfield as he often does,he loses the ball and is caught out of position. So,whichever one he decides to do,chelsea is punished.