Could Klopp Be The Answer To Chelsea’s Problems?

Could Klopp Be The Answer To Chelsea’s Problems?

Could Klopp Be The Answer To Chelsea's Problems?There are just a few months until the end of the season and it seems that Abramovich is not willing to extend Benitez’s short term contract. When the Spaniard first started his Stamford Bridge adventure he was determined to convince the Russian club owner that he is worthy of more than a 6 month contract, but with time his ambitions have faded away. He never gave the impression that he is fully involved in the team’s development and seemed a bit overwhelmed by all the things going on at the club. He has not managed to create a solid core group of players who have bought into his system even if he has some of the most valuable and talented young players on the planet.

Chelsea has already started looking for a replacement for Benitez. They missed their first target who unexpectedly chose Bayern Munich. Pep Guardiola was on Abramovich’s list since he left Barca but he refused to go to London, probably because he is not a fan of club owners getting involved in the team’s affairs. Borussia Dortmund’s manager, Jurgen Klopp has managed to turn the German team into a Champions League favorite and has really impressed the audiences with the way his team has performed.

According to recent statements Klopp has said that he would turn down any offers that might come from Chelsea and that he is committed to continue in the Bundesliga. Dortmund’s coach is currently engaged in a contract that is due to end sometime during 2016 and has had no second thoughts about completing his plans and achieving the goals set by the German club.

Chelsea is not the only team fighting to get Klopp’s signature. Real Madrid, which is probably going to part ways with Jose Mourinho at the end of this season, is also interested in the Klopp’s services. It is unlikely either team will be able to sign Dortmund’s coach considering he is doing really well with his current team and has had a history of devoted collaborations with his previous teams. Before Dortmund, Klopp stayed with Mainz for a really long period and had a tough time taking the next step to join a Champions League team. He says that he will only talk about other jobs once he has finished his contract and only then could he be available for discussions with Chelsea.

It looks like Chelsea is not going to sign their second favorite either so all eyes are directed towards the Bernabeu. If Mourinho decides to part his ways with Real he will probably return to Stamford Bridge, as he repeatedly has declared his love for the Premier League. Rumors of a new target are starting to appear and David Moyes seems to be the man Abramovich is keen on bringing to the club in order to replace Benitez.

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