Could Chelsea’s Lack Of Efficiency In Front Of Goal Result In A Trophy-Less Season?

Could Chelsea’s Lack Of Efficiency In Front Of Goal Result In A Trophy-Less Season?

According to ESPN Jose Mourinho is growing more and more frustrated with each game because of his team’s lack of efficiency in front of goal. The Portuguese boss explained that not being able to score can have a great impact on the players’ mental state. If Eto’o, Torres or Demba Ba would do a better job the entire team would benefit significantly from of their performances.

Having to maintain a 1 goal advantage or having to chase a goal with the entire team all throughout the game can be exhausting. Fortunately for Chelsea fans, their team is both talented and well prepared to handle such a disadvantage. Even so this cannot go on forever and a striker who can deliver clinical finishing abilities must surely find his way to London in the January transfer window.

Mourinho who said he is mentally tired at the end of each game because of his team’s scoring tendencies defended his players despite his obvious disappointment with the way things are going. He insisted it is not their fault and that poor luck has played a big part in Chelsea’s recent games. Despite generating a lot of chances, Chelsea have frequently been denied by excellent saves or by the woodwork.

Hazard and Oscar are Chelsea’s current top scorers with a total of 13 goals between them which is just as many as City’s Aguero and 6 goals short of Premier League sensation, Liverpool’s Luis Suarez. It would seem that unless Chelsea sign a genuine ‘finisher’ who can apply the necessary touches to convert the numerous chances created by Hazard, Willian, Schurrle etc into goals, then Chelsea might well finish the season without a trophy.

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