Could Any Of The Blues Big Matches Have Been Fixed?

Could Any Of The Blues Big Matches Have Been Fixed?

Well today’s sports news reports are all full of the latest match fixing scandal to hit world football. Seemingly, Europol (the European Union’s law enforcement agency which has the responsibility to assist in bringing about a safer Europe for the benefit of all the citizens of EU member countries) has uncovered a match fixing scandal of incredible proportions. Matches including World Cup qualifiers, a Champions League tie played in England, other European Leagues’ matches, matches from South and Central America, matches from African leagues as well Asian league matches are alleged to have been affected. The investigation was lead by Europol and 5 European countries, named as Austria, Finland, Germany, Hungary and Slovenia. Reports are out saying that 425 match officials, players and club officials are allegedly involved with 50 people already having been arrested and 14 people being jailed in Germany alone at the time of writing.

Numerous criminal organizations are suspected to be involved in the match-fixing networks, as they utilize it as an accessible method of cleansing their money with suspicious games seemingly being identified from so many countries such as many nations from Asia and South/Central America as well as Switzerland, Canada, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia and even Germany. Last year according to reports on Sky Sports 380 games have been fixed and the head of an anti-corruption watchdog estimated that $1 trillion is gambled on sport each year – or $3 billion a day – with most of it coming from Asia and being wagered on football matches. No matches seem to have been immune from being fixed and following the old adage…”where there is smoke there is fire”…then there is clearly a massive problem here. This latest scandal is apparently emanating from Singapore which is not an enormous surprise considering the case involving Singapore businessman Wilson Raj Perumal, who was suspected of fixing games in a few different countries and was subsequently prosecuted and jailed in Finland in 2011 with his name also linked to similar match-fixing incidents in both Zimbabwe and South Africa. Europol are not currently suggesting that Singaporean Wilson Raj Perumal is involved in the cases announced today but there are reports from media outlets saying that the gangs involved in today’s cases may also originate from Singapore and other countries which are close by geographically with the name Dan Tan being mentioned as a possible ring leader.

Fortunately, due to the numbers reported it seems most unlikely that any of the Blues’ matches could have been fixed as only one Champions League match played in England is a part of the scandal apparently. The games which are most at risk for example are games in the lower divisions of Finland and other such countries where African players and players from other less developed football countries are only earning a pittance of £100 per week and are therefore relatively easy to bribe and influence when they are away from their homes desperately trying to earn money to send home to support their families. It is a sad state of affairs but you cannot really judge such players when you have not walked a mile in their shoes. The temptation to commit such an act must be huge when in return for a month’s wages all they have to do is foul a member of the opposite team to produce a penalty/goal and settle the result of the match they are playing in. You cannot really blame the players who are just trying to provide for their relatives but I feel that taking advantage of such vulnerable people is totally despicable and the perpetrators should be prosecuted to the full extent that the laws allow and they should be forced to give up all their ill-gotten gains and turn the funds over to the appropriate charities who can effect positive change in the countries where these players come from.

This problem is clearly wide spread when the man in charge of FIFA’s corruption initiatives, Ralph Mutschke (a former executive of Interpol) last month declared that no league in the world was safe from corruption anymore, with numerous calls being made from all sides for new measures to be enforced to deal with the diseases of extortion and bribery in sport. What is happening to our beautiful game?

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  1. Thank you Tommy, and sorry to Miki and Hojey I am certainly not a racist and my friends are from countries all around the world and I am proud of that and I definitely meant no offense to anyone. The players I talked about from African countries are the victims and I feel terrible for them as they and all the other players who end up getting sucked into these match fixing scams are most often sought out by the real perpetrators and pressured into committing acts against the spirit of the game. The research I did from numerous articles, tv and radio reports suggested that the criminals involved in this type of thing tend to prey on the most vulnerable and often that means those playing in the lower leagues in countries like Finland who have had less opportunity in their homelands.

  2. My fellow Africans, the writer of this article is NO WAY lieing, he is no racist but just saying what he knows, TRULY it isnt only African players, but African players make the more of it. THAT IS WHY we see a lot of African players play very well here but on getting to such ‘small’ clubs they don’t do as much. For example Nigeria’s goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama, Enyeama is one of the best gks in Africa, but he’s just a 2nd choice in his current club. I’M NOT saying he(Enyeama) takes bribe, i’m just giving an illustration… So I DON’T support calling this writer a RACIST!!!

  3. This reporter is a pure racist, why must it be africans that engage in match fixin what happens to d originators of gambling. This is pure blunder, pls be clean when next u’re updatin us…

  4. African players earning a pittance of €100 per week?Y Africans?is there no other league where no there players earn as low than that?the truth is this writer is surely a RACIST,it’s a pity this disease of RACIST cannot be wiped out from our beautiful game,i will always say this:English press will be the one to spoil football with their usual way of blowing things out of proportion once it didn’t go in their own way,GOD HELP AFRICA CONTINENT.

  5. Ever seen Champions League football? Seen a Norwegian ref a Spanish/English game? Yeah, the fix has been in.

  6. The writer of this mail lack focus, so is Africa players that like bribes, were did it start from?