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Conte Looking To Build Strongest Midfield In Modern Football

Chelsea have made one of their best transfers in years when it comes to the midfield. Kante is without a doubt the kind of team-mate you don’t find all too often. He is incredibly dedicated and can run circles around 90% of all Premier League players. When it comes to stamina and focus, there are not many who can compete with the Frenchman. As many have said like his former boss Claudio Ranieri, Kante does the work of 2 players.

In order to get the best out of Kante, Conte reportedly seems to have decided to push for a new transfer, a transfer that would turn Chelsea’s midfield into one of the most well-organized, efficient and powerful groups in the world. The Blues’ current game strategy allows a player very similar to Kante to start down the middle of the pitch. While Matic is intuitive and strong, he lacks speed and reaction time which can be crucial. Because of that, the perfect player who could join Chelsea should have strong feet, great skills on the ball, great passing abilities and a powerful and accurate shot as they will not venture into the opposite box too often.

There are two players who fit the profile right now and who could also be willing to join Chelsea. According to Metro, the first one is Arturo Vital and the second would be PSG’s Marco Verratti. Both have stellar abilities and are very similar to Kante in terms of the effort they put forth per game. The only downside is that Verratti might be overpowered at times and that Vidal might be getting a bit slower now that he is close to turning 30. Aside from these minor things, there’s no downside to signing either of the two. Prices apparently start at around £35million despite rumors saying they might cost double that amount. While they are good, Chelsea did pay just under £30million for Leicester’s midfielder who is like a combination between Vidal and Verratti but has not developed his offensive game quite so much yet. Hopefully we will see one of these two amazing players joining Chelsea –Verratti would probably be the better choice as he is younger and has a lot to fight for. Vidal has already won big trophies and played for the biggest teams in the world which might hurt his motivation a bit.

Either player would be a big statement of intent for Chelsea and would make their title rivals take serious notice.