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Chelsea’s Mikel Wary Of Wounded United

Sir Alex announced his decision to step down as United boss after an incredible 26 years at the post. He was then swiftly replaced by former Everton boss David Moyes at the United helm.

Though Moyes has done an incredible job with the Toffees for the last 11 years, some people are still not convinced in any respect that he will be able to emulate the success of Sir Alex. It will surely be a huge task for Moyes next season to continue to keep United at the very summit of English football.

There were sections of the press who suggested that the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal have a great opportunity to dethrone United, now that the Red Devils are not being led by Sir Alex anymore. Also, the awaited retirement of veteran Paul Scholes and resignation of chief executive David Gill, along with the rumors hovering over Wayne Rooney’s future are sure to rock the steady boat of Manchester United, at least for a season or two.

However, Mikel is not ready to rejoice just yet. He is instead warning his team-mates and City and Arsenal to expect a stronger United team, who will be very keen to show the world that they can win the title even without the guidance Sir Alex.

He spoke to London Evening Standard and said, “It’s going to be even harder to win the title next season because everyone at United will want to prove themselves.”

“Sir Alex has been their mentor, he has been behind every trophy, but the players will want to show they are good as well without him. I think it’s going to be very tough next season.”

There has been a certain adage which has grown to become associated with United over the past decade, which is ‘When they are hit, they hit back harder.’

Do you think that the exit of Sir Alex will fire up the players who will then ‘hit back harder’ after being hit badly by his retirement?

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  • adedoyin ramsey Says:

    my bro, i can see chelsea leading the role next season when mourinho return, moreover united will strongle for like three seasons.

  • Divine Says:

    United is down to the floor

  • Archibong E. Ekpenyong Says:

    What I believe and as the adage say’s ‘ when once a strong owner or controller of a certain property leaves or die’s, those properties will wrought and die instalmentally before giving up the ghose. This scenerol will take effect in Man Utd Club.

  • subbi Says:

    Alex retired just because Jose is coming to EPL. Just joking……..

  • Robinsmith Says:

    Bros,i hail,the departion of sir alex is a big blow to the players and the united fans..talking of cumin back harder,i dnt think it will easy o.cos other clubs are set to cum back so strong dey should take 4 the nxt two to three years troumpyless b4 dey can thng of cumin back harder..