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Chelsea Star Ready To Handle Pain Just To Play Against Liverpool

As if losing against Stoke was not enough, news that Diego Costa might be injured for the game against Liverpool was also a blow to Chelsea fans. The Brazilian born Spanish striker was replaced just 30 minutes into the game after a clash with Charlie Adam who did a lot of damage to Costa. Fear of a broken rib or even worse injuries troubled Mourinho before finding out the results of his player’s x-ray. Fortunately, according to the Daily Express, the attacker will be up and running by Saturday when Chelsea will come across the new-found enthusiasm that Liverpool are displaying since Klopp moved to the UK.

Even if Costa will not be fully recovered, he still claims he will give it his all against Liverpool. This could be a turning point for this season as rumors of a possible rift between Mourinho and Abramovich are more and more common. Losing Saturday’s game could be the last drop in a glass that is almost full. If The Special one does not manage to defeat Klopp’s team, there is a very big possibility that some important changes will take place this winter. Costa could be the man to take some of the burden off of Mourinho’s shoulder. The striker showed good form against Stoke and had the biggest chances to score before he was taken off the pitch and to the hospital. Hopefully the pain will not be too big for the Spaniard to endure. Using him might be to Chelsea’s disadvantage as well as he could always get tackled and injured again.

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