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Chelsea Looking To Cement Top Three Finish

Chelsea has had one of the toughest seasons in Premier League history. They played over 60 matches and the number is still growing. Currently placed third in the Premier League standings, the Blues are not yet certain of the final outcome. Fatigue has been an issue with the Stamford Bridge team which has played a game every two or three days since January. They are involved in the Europa League competition and had to deal with the FA Cup also. They are now one point ahead of Arsenal and are waiting to play the Spurs. The game against Tottenham will pretty much decide things considering the fact that the Gunners have a one match disadvantage.

In recent declarations Mata spoke about Chelsea’s long and fatiguing season. Although several players complained of being tired after being asked to give 100% with every match considering they are playing once every three days, the Spaniard said this will not get in the way of them reaching their goal.

Metro reveals that Chelsea’s player is really convinced that his teammates are more motivated than ever and that even though they are tired they will finish the season by giving it their all. Even if this year was not a great one for the Blues, Benitez is still set on making the most of what is left. A top three finish would mean a guaranteed place in next years’ Champions League. Chelsea played 65 games up until now and still have to concentrate in order to win a trophy. The Europa League final is just around the corner and a club as big as the one at Stamford Bridge cannot afford to miss out on such an opportunity.

Even though Mata managed to score against Man United, he declared that he felt a bit slow because of the many matches in which he started these past months. He also said that fatigue is the last thing to think about when the most important part of the football season is happening.

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