‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense’ Liverpool Icon Questions Direction Of Chelsea Transfer Target

‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense’ Liverpool Icon Questions Direction Of Chelsea Transfer Target

Former Liverpool player Neil Ruddock has expressed confusion towards the way Chelsea target Ivan Toney’s transfer saga has been handled in the January window.

He said that the things Toney has been saying ‘doesn’t make any sense’ and that he is ‘likely’ being given different opinions by several people who are close to him in a professional capacity.

Should Chelsea make a late move for Toney, they would need to do so in quick fashion – there are now just three days left in the January window and Brentford are unlikely to be cooperative.

What did Neil Ruddock say about Chelsea target Ivan Toney?

Speaking to NewBettingOffers, Ruddock said:”The other day, Ivan Toney said he wanted to repay Brentford’s loyalty, and the next day he says he wants to move to a bigger club. It feels like his head is up his own backside, but I just don’t think he knows what he wants. His head is all over the place. You can see that with the kind of quotes he’s coming out with – one day pledging his loyalty and the next saying he wants to move somewhere bigger.

“What he is saying doesn’t make any sense. Add to that that he’s likely got an agent trying to push him to make a certain decision, and managers who have one eye on wanting him to come or stay at a certain place. I’d not be surprised if Toney’s got Thomas Frank telling him to stay for another year and try and get into Europe, then in the other ear he’s got other people telling him to move somewhere bigger. Football is a mad world and at the end of the day, he’s only human. No wonder he’s confused.

“The best advice I have for footballers wanting to move is simply to give 110%. Train hard, play hard. You want to look like a good player with a good attitude. Why would a team want to sign a player that refuses to play for a team? That’s a weak player, with bad morales. Those that want to give their best every session are the best players.”