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Chelsea Getting Closer To PSG Swap

There has been speculation regarding Cesc Fabregas and his future at Stamford Bridge. His lack of time spent on the pitch this season is likely to see the Spaniard midfielder leave. The 29-year-old who since his arrival in 2014 has made just over 100 appearances for the Londoners is under contract with Chelsea until 2018 but there’s a very slim chance to see him take that deal to the end. Apparently, according to Metro, there’s a bigger chance of seeing him join PSG who are among the few clubs which could afford his salary and who could also provide some sort of challenge for Fabregas who is used to playing at the highest level possible. The good news for Chelsea is that they could get a lot out of this possible deal. It is not about the money at Stamford Bridge as much as it is about signing a quality player. We are talking about Marco Verratti who next to Kante would make a killer midfield duo.

Verratti is often played out of position by PSG manager Unai Emery which is a deal-breaker for the Italian midfielder who would like more room to move around the pitch. Due to PSG’s 4-3-3 formation he is obligated to cover a limited area and focus mostly on defending which is not his favourite thing to do. He often has to share his place in the team with Grzegorz Krychowiak, Motta, Matuidi or Rabiot and has not received a vote of confidence from Emery.

Swapping the two players actually makes a lot of sense as PSG do need a creative player down the middle of the pitch, a creative player who gets his support from defensive midfielders such as the ones mentioned above. On the other side, Chelsea need someone who can cover a lot of space, be aggressive and also go behind the strikers to provide assistance. Verratti could do just that and as we mentioned, pairing him with Kante would be a match made in heaven. Hopefully this exchange will be done this January as Fabregas is not seemingly part of Conte’s plans. It would be excellent if Verratti would sign in the winter which would give him time to quickly become part of the team and have an impact this season. No one expects Conte to bring home the title this season so he is probably concentrating on building the team that wins it all next season and it is well known that he is a big fan of Verratti.

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