Cech Plays Through Horrible Pain To Save Chelsea’s Season

Cech Plays Through Horrible Pain To Save Chelsea’s Season

Chelsea is in for a rough couple of weeks as goalkeeper Petr Cech still struggles with his injury picked up against the match with Newcastle. The Czech player broke his little finger and had to recover for a couple of days. Benitez is worried because in recent similar events, Cech’s substitute, Ross Turnbull has failed to replace the first teammer.  According to Chelsea’s medical staff, the Czech international will be forced to play with some pain in his hand and it is totally up to him if he decides to push through. He did start against Wigan after deciding he was fit enough during the training session that took place 2 days before the game.

After the match Cech admitted to feel a lot of discomfort and pain, suggesting that he is uncertain he will be 100% fit for the following match that will put Chelsea against his former club Sparta Prague. The goalkeeper also strongly suggested that he does not want to miss the Europa League confrontation against his previous club, and that he will definitely make the effort to ensure the Blues are safe from conceding any goals.

Cech played with a special splint and had his finger bandaged before getting on the pitch against Wigan. The doctors let him decide what to do and said although it is painful to play like this there is no chance of any permanent damage. Chelsea’s goalkeeper said he refused to take any treatment in order to dull the pain because he needs to be able to feel with all of his fingers during the match.

The Czech player is a real fan favorite especially because of moments like this. Even after suffering a major head injury, Cech pushed through and made an amazing recovery even if it was a very rough period for him. In recent statements he reiterated the fact that it is almost impossible to play in the Premier League without feeling any pain and that the key is to learn how to endure and overcome critical moments such as playing with a broken finger.

Cech also commented on his team’s performance against Wigan by saying he is very proud of how things turned out. He said it was hard for him and his teammates to start the game knowing Tottenham won against Newcastle, especially considering Chelsea lost their game against the Magpies. The Czech international suggested that challenges such as this make him stronger and that small injuries will not keep him from performing the best he can. When asked about Courtois’s possible return to the team, Cech said that he has been with Chelsea for a long time, but has no issue battling for a place in the starting team with a goalkeeper as good as the Belgian international.

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