Boss Keen To Tie Down Trusted Trio Of Lamps, JT And Ashley

Boss Keen To Tie Down Trusted Trio Of Lamps, JT And Ashley

There was a lot of speculation doing the rounds at Chelsea regarding the future of veterans Lampard, Terry and Cole last season. Many were expecting at least one of the three to depart, with Lampard reportedly being in advanced talks with MLS outfit LA Galaxy last season. Also, the future of Terry and Cole was up in the air as the two struggled to sustain their place in the side last season under the management of former interim boss Rafael Benitez.

Post Mourinho’s return, he has turned to the experienced trio and has brought the old and trusted rear guard back into the side. Though he is not concerned with their immediate future, he is sure that they will sign an extension over the course of time. He now wants to make sure that they end their respective careers with the London club by securing all 3 of them to new long-term deals. They have all been vital in Mourinho’s team this season and the Portugese boss wishes to end all speculation regarding their future.

“It’s a situation that doesn’t worry me, doesn’t worry the club and, I think, doesn’t worry the players,” ESPNFC report Mourinho as saying.

“Their desire to play for this club, nobody has doubts about it. We want them to feel free to express and to enjoy these last years of their careers.

“Everything is very calm and at the end of the season, probably before that, the club will sit with them, the offer will be on the table.”

The trust Mourinho has in Lampard, Terry and Cole is evident, having shared a strong bond with the 3 during his first stint at Stamford Bridge, and maintaining the relation even after his departure. He has rekindled that relationship with them upon his return, which is evident in the form which Lampard and Terry in particular have been showcasing off late.

Mourinho can only hope that they maintain that level of performance in their game when they travel to their London rivals and league leaders Arsenal next week but it shows the confidence and comfort the four men have with each other which can only be a good thing for Chelsea going forward.

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