Barcelona Ready To Break Chelsea’s Defensive Stability

Barcelona Ready To Break Chelsea’s Defensive Stability

Barcelona Ready To Break Chelsea's Defensive StabilityAccording to recent rumors Chelsea and Brazilian international David Luiz are preparing to part ways at the end of the season. The Blues are going to see some massive changes during the summer, especially because Benitez will almost certainly be shown the door. Several key players will be leaving Stamford Bridge and Chelsea will probably invest in some new young talented players. Their strategy was pretty obvious since the beginning of the season but things did not turn out exactly as expected. The Brazilian defender is not short of offers and Barcelona seems to be very interested into bringing him to Camp Nou. The Catalans have expressed their interest since last summer when Luiz looked like the perfect replacement for both Puyol – out with a serious injury and Abidal, who is still recovering after being diagnosed with and treated for cancer.

For Luiz to potentially be leaving is not supposed to be a possibility and from the way the 25 year old Brazilian continues to represent Chelsea’s colors you would say it is hard to imagine him departing from Stamford Bridge. More than that, he is currently engaged in a 5 year contract that was signed at the end of 2012. It is hard to believe that The Blues are going to let him go, but if you can predict anything it is that Abramovich is always unpredictable.

The Brazilian is now one of the most important players in Chelsea’s starting line-up and he fits with the profile that the Blues like to attribute to their star players. He is a constant presence for his international team, he is a power house in all areas of the pitch combining dynamic fitness and aerial prowess with tough tackling and super accurate passing, plus he has even scored a couple of goals this season showing awesome dead ball technique.

Luiz came from Benfica in a reported £21 million on transfer deadline day in January 2011 and Chelsea aren’t willing to let him go without getting a serious profit out of any transaction. This is another thing to consider when thinking about a possible move. Barcelona are not very keen on spending any more of their cash on transfers than absolutely necessary, just think how long it took for them to get Fabregas and how tough the negotiations were.

Even if Luiz would be more than well-suited to Barcelona’s playing style the odds are pretty slim that we will see this move happen at the end of the season. Tito Vilanova will probably have to keep looking for someone with the same qualities and versatility as the Brazilian but there are not that many players available for transfer that can match Luiz’s level and since common opinion amongst Chelsea fans is that Luiz is the Chelsea Captain in waiting then clearly he will not be leaving Stamford Bridge and if he were to the supporters would be up in arms.

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  1. Luiz is our key defender and the next captain not for sale at any price. Let barca try arsenal they may quiet find a solution to there defence

  2. Make deyt knw try am oo,hmmm unles d giv us messi plus cash 20million

  3. D only bearable reason luiz can go 2 barca, is if it’s goin 2 b in xchange wt messi n thiago

  4. I do not want him to leave but if it is his desire he should go. But he should cost not less then 30 million pounds for Barselona it is a good deal now they have only Pique who is not at the same high level as Luiz and getting older and older Pujol, they need a defender of such calibre.

  5. come barca, if u people need luis give us messi as exchange of luis our best deffender.

  6. get ur hands of barca.. u n tito dont even dream of luiz.. a captain in waiting.. u buy ferdinand of man u..

  7. get byu hands of barca.. u o tito dont even dream of luiz.. a captain in waiting.. u buy ferdinand of man u..

  8. Chelsea isn’t Arsenal dat sells players anyhow,Barca shld go dere 2 buy not Chelsea

  9. Barca shoul concetrate on how to get a golkeeper lik vincent enyeama,as advice by messi.nt huntin david luiz cos chelsea is nt ready to let him out to thier rivals

  10. Barca should b very kiafull o,they should go nd look 4 anoda defender nt luiz chelsea future captian.@

  11. If barca wans Luiz it’s a gud deal, but we wunt let him go dat cheap, we demand Song, Tello n Alcantara 2 suit the deal

  12. Luiz is not for sale at any prize hence they want to do a part exchange with Leo Messi. Liuz is an important part of chelsea on a long term, i don’t see him leaving in the near future.

  13. I think barcelona should find another player not luiz, because luiz is the heart of the chelsea divensive line.i love u luiz and all the chelsea fans around the world,most especially the owner sir abrahamovic.die hard 4 chelsea.