ChelseaNews.com in 2005
ChelseaNews.com in Jan 2005.

ChelseaNews.com was launched on January 28th, 2005 and quickly gained a loyal audience amongst the online Chelsea fan community due to its simple formula and constantly updating news. The site operated to a slowly growing user-base for the next couple of years before it was relaunched on a new template in May 2007, bringing a more modern feel to the site. Then ChelseaNews.com was given a wholesale upgrade in August 2012, bringing you the look you see today, as the site design was updated again with a number of other news gathering features added such as a Chelsea Twitter widget, a most popular stories widget and Chelsea video news, allowing Chelsea news readers to consume the news in whichever way they prefer. To complete the picture, on our 8th birthday, almost to the day, we have launched ChelseaNews – The Blog. Our small team of writers, comprises the following gentlemen…

Andrei Leonte is our European based writer who is currently living in Ploiesti, Romania. Andrei has been watching football since he could focus on the TV and he is a passionate fan of all quality football and he loves covering the entire Barclays Premier League and the numerous happenings down at Stamford Bridge.

Greg Newcombe is a freelance footy writer and sometimes contributor to Chelsea News. Greg writes about the Premier League and is a regular contributor to the superb FootballFancast.

These fine writers will be endeavoring to provide comprehensive features and passionate reaction on all the latest news stories and transfer speculation involving Chelsea FC plus any news which relates to their closest rivals, as well as match reports and previews and coverage of just about anything Chelsea FC related.

ChelseaNews.com in 2007
ChelseaNews.com in 2007

Chelsea FC were only the fourth biggest team when it came to internet publishers a few years ago but now the Blues have gained a massive online audience and sit only behind Arsenal when it comes to online publications and search queries. ChelseaNews.com has seen its audience grow massively over the past few years. Amazing growth which has to be attributed to not only the performance of the team on the pitch in recent years (winning  premiership titles, the Champions League, the Europa League and numerous domestic cups does not hurt a team’s profile) but also to the numerous online and traditional media initiatives carried out by Mr Abramovich’s management team. Chelsea FC are on the rise internationally and we could not be happier since now we are able to cover the team with our own original articles and stories.

Thank you for all the support as we strive to enhance our great tradition of being the internet’s preferred unofficial destination for all the latest Chelsea FC news.

Please be aware that if you do comment on any of our stories and we like your comment, we may choose to use it as a stand-alone article or as part of one of our future articles.

The writers’ views expressed in the articles published do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of ChelseaNews.com.

ChelseaNews.com is an unofficial website and is in no way connected to or affiliated with Chelsea Football Club.