Mourinho Puts Wood On The Fire

Jose Mourinho rose to prominence when he joined Chelsea back in 2004 and ushered in a new era of dominance in England, as Chelsea were suddenly being considered as one of the biggest forces in Europe. Mourinho led Chelsea to league and cup glory during his 3+ year stint at Stamford Bridge, and then went on to win leagues in other countries.

When in London on Wednesday, Mourinho spoke extensively to Sky Sports News and he did his usual diplomatic and eloquent best when speaking about his current situation. He said,

“People that know me know me well enough know that in this moment I’m thinking about my job at Real Madrid.”

“Again, I can’t deny in spite of this disgraceful weather I love it here and I have big emotional connections with Chelsea.”

“One day I think naturally I have to be back to English football or to Chelsea or to another club.”

“Chelsea is in my heart, as Inter is for example. So one day I have to be back, but again it must be normal.”

In a very friendly and relaxed interview, Mourinho went on to talk about how he still has a family home in London and that his daughter will soon be moving to London to study.

So Mourinho continues to put wood on the fire with his latest interview. Whether he comes back to Chelsea or not, is the biggest “will he/won’t he?” story of the year. You just cannot predict what will happen…

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